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Kalamaki Bar

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Kalamaki Bar was introduced in 2014 at Foinikoudes of Larnaca Cyprus

 Kalamaki Bar, the Greek bistro of Larnaca, is in no way reminiscent of a traditional grill! This has to do with the incomparable quality, the delectable dishes that combine harmoniously the Greek and Cypriot cuisine, as well as its modern environment with modern aesthetics!
It has also succeeded in combining tradition with today’s fashionable image, exuding the Mediterranean aura, traveling the client in unique culinary experiences!

You can find us in Larnaca (Foinikoudes)

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​Your order is confirmed in REAL TIME

The Best Food in Town

The Greek bistro of Cyprus is loved by the public as it approaches tradition with a contemporary urban culture architectural design. Authentic recipes, fresh quality ingredients and a contemporary visual approach are the key to success! Kalamaki Bar is distinguished for its delicate and distinctive decoration.